Basel Universität

Seminar der Theorie der Kondensierten Materie

Frühjahrsemester 2017

Donnerstags, 14:00, Raum 4.1

  1. 04. January, Loïc Herviou, centre de physique theorique, Palaiseau

    QC2 Seminar: "Bipartite charge fluctuations in $mathbb{Z}_2$ topological insulators and superconductors"
    (Host: Prof. D. Loss / Prof. J. Klinovaja)

  2. 02. March, Madeleine Phillips, University of Pennsylvania

    QC2 Seminar: "Charge and spin transport on graphene grain boundaries in a quantizing magnetic field"
    (Host: Prof. Ch. Bruder)

  3. 06. April, Prof. Nicolas Brunner, University of Geneva

    QC2 Seminar: "Autonomous quantum thermal machines"
    (Host: Prof. Ch. Bruder)

  4. 13. April, Dr. Vitaly Golovach, Ikerbasque, Basque Foundation for Science, San Sebastian

    QC2 Seminar: "Theory of Spin Hall and Hanle magnetoresistance in metal - ferromagnetic insulator bilayers"
    (Host: Prof. D. Loss)

  5. 24. May, Prof. Andrew Kent, Department of Physics, NYU

    QC2 Seminar: "Magnon Condensates in Spin-Transfer Torque Nanocontacts"
    Time: 1-2 pm
    (Host: Prof. D. Loss)