Basel Universität

Seminar Kernstruktur-, Elementarteilchen- und Astrophysik

Frühjahrsemester 2017

Donnerstags, 17:15, Hörsaal 2

  1. 02. March, Mauro Pieroni, APC, Paris

    "Primordial GW from universality classes of pseudo-scalar inflation"
    (hosted by Antusch & Orani)

  2. 16. March, David Mulryne, Queen Mary University of London

    "Numerical evaluation of the bispectrum in multiple field inflation and the PyTansport package"
    (hosted by Antusch & Orani)

  3. 23. March, Oliver Heinimann, Uni Basel

    "Hadron-Quark Phase Transition in Hybrid Stars and Core-Collapse Supernovae"
    (hosted by F.-K. Thielemann)

  4. 30. March, Fredrik Björkeroth, University of Southampton

    "Leptogenesis after Sneutrino Inflation and the SUSY breaking scale"
    (hosted by S. Antusch)

  5. 20. April, Sven Heinemeyer, Madrid/Santander

    "SUSY and its Higgs Bosons at the LHC"
    (hosted by Antusch & Fischer)

  6. 27. April, Federico Lelli, ESO, Garching

    "The radial acceleration relation: linking baryons and dark matter in galaxies"
    (hosted by Binggeli & Müller)

  7. 08. June, Valerie Domcke, Paris Center for Cosmological Physics

    "A cosmological B-L phase transition"
    (hosted by S. Antusch)