Basel Universität

Research Seminar Quantum Science and Technology

Frühjahrsemester 2017

Dienstags, 12:10, Hörsaal 1

  1. 14. March, Research Seminar

    Marta De Luca (Zardo Group)
    Zeeman splitting in wurtzite GaAs nanowires

  2. 21. March, Research Seminar

    Pirmin Weigele (Zumbuhl Group)
    Stretchable persistent spin helices – experiments and theory

  3. 28. March, Research Seminar

    Timo Kaldewey (Warburton Group)
    Optical nanoscopy via quantum control

    Vishal Ranjan (Schönenberger Group)
    Admittance and noise detection in mesoscopic systems via GHz impedance matching

  4. 04. April, Research Seminar

    Janik Wolters (Treutlein Group)
    Atomic quantum memory for quantum dot photons

    Jan-Philipp Jahn (Richard Warburton)
    Pulse shaping of quantum dot single photons

  5. 11. April, Research Seminar

    Peter Makk (Schönenberger)
    Valleyphysics in graphene p-n junctions

  6. 18. April, Research Seminar

    Kouki Nakata (Loss Group)
    Fateful Encounter of Magnon with Wiedemann-Franz Law at Basel

  7. 25. April, Research Seminar

    Daniel Riedel (Warburton/Maletinsky Group)
    Coupling of single diamond spins to optical micro cavities

    Marcin Kisiel (Meyer Group)
    Energy dissipation on nanoscale measured by ultra-sensitive AFM in pendulum geometry

  8. 02. May, Research Seminar

    Chris Reeg (Loss Group)
    Destructive interference of direct and crossed Andreev pairing in a system of two nanowires coupled via an s-wave superconductor

    Mario Palma (Zumbuhl Group)
    Sub-gap bound-states in Normal metal-Insulator-Superconductor junctions

  9. 09. May, Research Seminar

    Prof. Ilaria Zardo
    Charge Density Wave in TiSe2

    Denis Chevallier (Klinovaja Group)
    Spin and Charge Signatures of Topological Superconductivity in Rashba Nanowires

  10. 16. May, Research Seminar

    Niels Lörch (Bruder Group)
    Quantum SynchronizationBlockade

    J.-D. Bancal (Sangouard Group)
    Certifying the proper functioning of quantum technologies through device-independent self-testing

  11. 23. May, Research Seminar

    Yanick Volpez (Klinovaja/Loss Group)
    Three-Dimensional Fractional Topological Insulators in Coupled Rashba Layers

  12. 30. May, General Assembly

    of the QCQT PhD School