Basel Universität

Research Seminar Quantum Science and Technology

Frühjahrsemester 2017

Dienstags, 12:10, Hörsaal 1

  1. 14. March, Research Seminar

    Marta De Luca (Zardo Group)
    Zeeman splitting in wurtzite GaAs nanowires

  2. 21. March, Research Seminar

    Pirmin Weigele (Zumbuhl Group)
    Stretchable persistent spin helices – experiments and theory

  3. 28. March, Research Seminar

    Timo Kaldewey (Warburton Group)
    Optical nanoscopy via quantum control

    Vishal Ranjan (Schönenberger Group)
    Admittance and noise detection in mesoscopic systems via GHz impedance matching

  4. 04. April, Research Seminar

    Janik Wolters (Treutlein Group)
    Atomic quantum memory for quantum dot photons”Jan-Philipp Jahn (Richard Warburton) “Pulse shaping of quantum dot single photons

    Jan-Philipp Jahn (Richard Warburton)
    Pulse shaping of quantum dot single photons

  5. 11. April, Research Seminar

    Peter Makk (Schönenberger)
    Valleyphysics in graphene p-n junctions