Basel Universität

Seminars and colloquia

  • Thu 08 Oct, 14:00, Room 4.1
    Matthias Geilhufe, Max Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics Halle

    QC2 Seminar: Implementation of the relativistic full-potential Korringa-Kohn-Rostoker Green function method and investigation of PbxSn1-xTe

    (Host: Prof. D. Loss)

  • Fri 09 Oct, 15:15, Lect. Hall 1
    Kevin Schawinski, ETH Zürich

    "Galaxies & Black Holes"

    hosts: F.-K. Thielemann / S. Antusch

  • Mon 12 Oct, 16:15, Lect. Hall 1
    Simon Gröblacher, Delft University of Technology

    "Optomechanics experiments with photonic and phononic crystals"

    (host: P. Treutlein)     -     QC2/QSIT Seminar

  • Wed 14 Oct, 14:00, Room 2.04
    Prof. Annica Black-Schaffer, Uppsala University, Sweden

    QSIT Seminar: Persistent currents induced by magnetic impurities and islands in superconductors with spin-orbit coupling
    Host: Prof. J. Klinovaja
    (seminar room 2.04)

News & events

  • PhD defense: Lilian Witthauer, Universität Basel

    "Measurement of Cross Sections and Polarisation Observables in η Photoproduction from Neutrons and Protons Bound in Light Nuclei"

    Thursday, 15th October 2015, 15:15, Lecture Hall 1, Foyer

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  • Lectures:
    Spring semester 2015: 16.2.2015 - 29.5.2015
    Fall semester 2015: 14.9.2015 - 18.12.2015

Research News

Researchers in Basel develop ideal single-photon source

News Image
© Uni Basel
September 8, 2015
With the help of a semiconductor quantum dot, physicists at the University of Basel have developed a new type of light source that emits single photons. For the first time, the researchers have managed to create a stream of identical photons from a semiconductor. They have reported their findings in the scientific journal Nature Communications together with colleagues from the University of Bochum. more...

Improved stability of electron spins in qubits

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© Uni Basel
September 7, 2015
Calculation with electron spins in a quantum computer assumes that the spin states last for a sufficient period of time. Physicists at the University of Basel and the Swiss Nanoscience Institute have now demonstrated that electron exchange in quantum dots fundamentally limits the stability of this information. Control of this exchange process paves the way for further progress in the coherence of the fragile quantum states. The report from the Basel-based researchers appears in the scientific journal Physical Review Letters. more...

Successful boron-doping of graphene nanoribbon

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© Uni Basel
August 27, 2015
Physicists at the University of Basel succeed in synthesizing boron-doped graphene nanoribbons and characterizing their structural, electronic and chemical properties. The modified material could potentially be used as a sensor for the ecologically damaging nitrogen oxides, scientists report in the latest issue of Nature Communications. more...

Quantum states in a nano-object manipulated using a mechanical system

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© Uni Basel
August 3, 2015
Scientists at the Swiss Nanoscience Institute at the University of Basel have used resonators made from single-crystalline diamonds to develop a novel device in which a quantum system is integrated into a mechanical oscillating system. For the first time, the researchers were able to show that this mechanical system can be used to coherently manipulate an electron spin embedded in the resonator – without external antennas or complex microelectronic structures. The results of this experimental study will be published in Nature Physics. more...

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