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Seminars and colloquia

  • Mon 12 Dec, 16:15, Lecture Hall 1
    Pierre Verlot, ICFO - The Institute of Photonic Sciences

    "Opto/electromechanics with Extremely Small Mechanical Resonators: Novel Challenges & Perspectives"
    (Host: M. Poggio / F. Braakman)   C2 / QSIT Seminar

  • Tue 13 Dec, 12:10, Lect. Hall 1
    Research Seminar

    Rakesh Tiwari (Bruder Group)
    Snake states and their symmetry in graphene

    Christina Psaroudaki (Loss Group)
    Quantum dynamics of skyrmions in chiral magnets

  • Thu 15 Dec, 14:00, Room 4.1
    Dr. Clemens Mueller, University of Queensland

    QC2 Seminar: "Synthesising Keldysh and Lindblad - Correlated decay processes in higherorder perturbation theory"
    (Host: Prof. Ch. Bruder)

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  • Lectures:
    Fall semester 2016: 19.9.2016 - 23.12.2016
    Spring semester 2017: 20.2.2017 - 2.6.2017

Research News

Researchers Take First Look into the “Eye” of Majoranas

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© Uni Basel
December 1, 2016
Majorana fermions are particles that could potentially be used as information units for a quantum computer. An experiment by physicists at the Swiss Nanoscience Institute and the University of Basel’s Department of Physics has confirmed their theory that Majorana fermions can be generated and measured on a superconductor at the end of wires made from single iron atoms. The researchers also succeeded in observing the wave properties of Majoranas and, therefore, in making the interior of a Majorana visible for the first time. The results were published in the Nature journal npj Quantum Information. more...

Tunable source of single photons from a cold atomic ensemble

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© Uni Basel
November 25, 2016
The Sangouard group works actively on the development of quantum networks — networks where the nodes are made with atoms that are connected by means of single photons. These networks will enable secure communications over long distances — a kind of internet with a security based on the laws of quantum physics. The group collaborated with a team from ICFO to demonstrate a source of single photons from a cold atomic ensemble with a tunability of the photon duration across more than 3 orders of magnitude up to 10 microseconds. These photons can address many different devices including systems which have a sharp energy structure and opens up an avenue for the implementation of hybrid quantum networks where one takes the best of various systems for high rate long distance quantum communications. These results have been published in Nature Communications.

Swiss Cosmology Days 2017

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On February the 6th and 7th, the "Swiss Cosmology Days 2017" will take place at our Department. The Swiss Cosmology Days are yearly meetings aimed at promoting communication and exchanges amongst Cosmologists working in Switzerland. They offer a platform for scientists to present their research, lead exciting discussions and enable closer collaborations and networking. Young scientists are particularly encouraged to participate. more...

Nanowires as Sensors in New Type of Atomic Force Microscope

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© Uni Basel
October 17, 2016
A new type of atomic force microscope (AFM) uses nanowires as tiny sensors. Unlike standard AFM, the device with a nanowire sensor enables measurements of both the size and direction of forces. Physicists of the Poggiolab and at the EPF Lausanne have described these results in the recent issue of Nature Nanotechnology. more...

On October 18, 2016 the Neue Zürcher Zeitung published an article entittled "Eine Kompassnadel für die Nanowelt"(a compass needle for the nanoworld) highlighting Prof. Poggio’s work using nanowires as sensors for atomic force microscopy.

Swiss Team Holds Speed Record

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© Nanocar Race
October 7, 2016
A team of the University of Basel is going to participate in the first international nanocar race in Toulouse in spring 2017. The Swiss Nanoscience Institute supports the young scientists from the Department of Physics, who enjoy the competition and additionally, will learn a lot for their research during this challenge. Watch on Youtube

On-Surface Chemistry Leads to Novel Products

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© Uni Basel
September 13, 2016
On-surface chemical reactions can lead to novel chemical compounds not yet synthesized by solution chemistry. The first-step, second-step, and third-step products can be analyzed in detail using a high-resolution atomic force microscope, as demonstrated in Nature Communications by scientists from the Swiss Nanoscience Institute and the Department of Physics at Basel University and their colleagues from Japan and Finland. more...

Christoph Gerber received the Kavli Prize

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8. September, 2016
This week, Christoph Gerber of the Swiss Nanoscience Institute and the Department of Physics at the University of Basel received the Kavli Prize in Nanoscience. He was honoured together with Gerd Binnig and Calvin Quate for the development of the first atomic force microscope 30 years ago. more (German)...

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