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Seminars and colloquia

  • Mon 02 May, 16:15,
    Rob Thew, Group of Applied Physics, Université de Genève

    “Engineering Photonic States and Quantum networking"
    (Host: N. Sangouard)  QC2 / QSIT Seminar

News & events

  • PhD defense: Jörg Gramich, Universität Basel

    "Andreev and Spin Transport in Carbon Nanotube Quantum Dot Hybrid Devices"

    Wednesday, 4th May 2016, 14:15, Department of Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Spitalstrasse 51, Basel, Lecture Hall 207 AC

  • Stimmen aus der Praxis: „Physiker in der Versicherungswelt: Spannende Vielfalt“

    M.Sc. Phys. Florian Schweizer, Financial Risk Manager, AXA Winterthur

    Mittwoch 04. Mai 2016, 18:15 Neuer Hörsaal 1, Foyer EG

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  • Lectures:
    Spring semester 2016: 22.2.2016 - 3.6.2016
    Fall semester 2016: 19.9.2016 - 23.12.2016

Research News

The atom without properties

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© Uni Basel
April 22, 2016
The microscopic world is governed by the rules of quantum mechanics, where the properties of a particle can be completely undetermined and yet strongly correlated with those of other particles. A team of theoretical and experimental physicists from the University of Basel has observed these so-called Bell correlations for the first time between hundreds of atoms. Their findings are published today in the scientific journal «Science». more...

SNSF Prof. Sangouard receives a John Templeton Foundation Grant

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April 13, 2016
The John Templeton Foundation is a US based entity that serves as a philanthropic catalyst for discoveries related e.g. to a deeper understanding of the nature of reality within the realm of quantum theory, cosmology, astronomy, or chemistry. The Foundation has recently awarded a generous grant for a project entitled «Is the human eye able to see entanglement?» which will be led by SNSF Professor Nicolas Sangouard.

Reliability of quantum mechanical simulations tested

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© Uni Basel
March 29, 2016
Various approximations have to be used in the numerical solution of the many-electron Schroedinger equation and it was frequently not quite clear how strongly these approximations would affect the accuracy of the final result obtained by electronic structure simulation codes. In an open worldwide collaborative effort the main developers of electronic structure codes have joined forces to compare and validate their codes. The results of the most accurate codes were recently published in «Science» and showed very good agreement. Among these codes was the BigDFT code developed in the group of Prof. S. Goedecker. more... (german)

Quantum Error Correction: the game

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© Uni Basel
March 28, 2016
Dr. James Wootton from the University of Basel has just released an iOS-app featuring a quantum error correction puzzle game! The app allows players to both learn about quantum error correction as well as possibly help building an actual quantum computer! more...

Graphene Slides Smoothly Across Gold

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© Uni Basel
February 26, 2016
Graphene, a modified form of carbon, offers versatile potential for use in coating machine components and in the field of electronic switches. An international team of researchers led by physicists at the University of Basel have been studying the lubricity of this material on the nanometer scale. Since it produces almost no friction at all, it could drastically reduce energy loss in machines when used as a coating, as the researchers report in the journal «Science». more...

Proposal for an Optomechanical Bell Test

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© Uni Basel
February 26, 2016
The Quantum Optics Theory Group of the Department of Physics made a proposal to certify that a mechanical system behaves non-classically with minimum assumptions on the system itself and on the devices used to measure it. Given the impressive developments on optomechanics at Basel and beyond, their proposal — which has been published in Phys. Rev. Lett. — might be implemented sooner than expected!

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