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  • Evaluation FS 2016 - Pflichtvorlesungen

    1. Goldene Kreide für Prof. Friedrich-Karl Thielemann: Elektrodynamik
    2. Prof. Richard Warburton und Prof. Nicolas Sangouard: Einführung in die Physik IV: Moderne Anwendungen der Quantenphysik
    3. Prof. Bruno Binggeli: Astrophysik und Kosmologie


        1. Goldener Korrekturstift für Johannes Kölbl: Einführung in die Physik II: Elektrodynamik und Optik
        2. Daniel Najer: Einführung in die Physik IV: Moderne Anwendungen der Quantenphysik und
            Dominik Rohner: Einführung in die Physik II: Elektrodynamik und Optik

  • Evaluation FS 2016 - Wahlvorlesungen

    1. Goldene Kreide  für Dr. Roman Schmied
    : Introduction to computational quantum mechanics
    2. Prof. Stefan Antusch: Einführung in supersymmetrische Teilchenphysik
    3. Prof. Stefan Antusch: Höhere Quantenmechanik
        1. Goldener Korrekturstift für Dr. Rakesh Tiwari: Theorie der Supraleitung
        2. Dr. Andreas Lohs: Höhere Quantenmechanik
        3. Ehud Amitai: Theorie der Supraleitung

  • Evaluation FS 2016 - Anfängerpraktikum

    1. Goldener Massstab für Christian Meier
    2. Felix Läderach
    3. Michael Günther

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  • Lectures:
    Spring semester 2016: 22.2.2016 - 3.6.2016
    Fall semester 2016: 19.9.2016 - 23.12.2016

Research News

A Playful Approach to Quantum Computing

News Image
© Uni Basel
July 18, 2016
One day, quantum computers will perform rapid calculations and solve complex tasks for us. However, there are a few hurdles to overcome along the way. Basel-based physicist Dr James Wootton is searching for methods that allow information to be encoded and then decoded again using quantum mechanics. And a game for smartphones is going to help him do so. more...

Physicists Couple Distant Nuclear Spins Using a Single Electron

News Image
© Uni Basel
July 11, 2016
For the first time, researchers at the University of Basel have coupled the nuclear spins of distant atoms using just a single electron. Three research groups (Loss, Poggio, Warburton) from the Department of Physics took part in this complex experiment, the results of which have now been published in the journal «Nature Nanotechnology». more...

Controlling Quantum States Atom by Atom

News Image
© Uni Basel
June 9, 2016
An international consortium led by researchers at the University of Basel has developed a method to precisely alter the quantum mechanical states of electrons within an array of quantum boxes. The method can be used to investigate the interactions between various types of atoms and electrons, which is essential for future quantum technologies, as the group reports in the Journal «Small». more...

Christoph Gerber to Receive the Kavli Prize

News Image
Prof. Christoph Gerber
June 2, 2016
Professor Christoph Gerber of the Swiss Nanoscience Institute and the Department of Physics at the University of Basel has been awarded the 2016 Kavli Prize in Nanoscience together with Professor Gerd Binnig (formerly of IBM Zurich Research Laboratory) and Professor Calvin Quate (Stanford University). The award honors their invention and creation of the first atomic force microscope 30 years ago. more...

Physicists Measure van der Waals Forces of Individual Atoms for the First Time

News Image
© Uni Basel
Mai 13, 2016
Physicists at the Swiss Nanoscience Institute and the University of Basel have succeeded in measuring the very weak van der Waals forces between individual atoms for the first time. To do this, they fixed individual noble gas atoms within a molecular network and determined the interactions with a single xenon atom that they had positioned at the tip of an atomic force microscope. As expected, the forces varied according to the distance between the two atoms; but, in some cases, the forces were several times larger than theoretically calculated. These findings are reported by the international team of researchers in «Nature Communications». more...

An Experiment Seeks to Make Quantum Physics Visible to the Naked Eye

News Image
© Uni Basel
May 3, 2016
Predictions from quantum physics have been confirmed by countless experiments, but no one has yet detected the quantum physical effect of entanglement directly with the naked eye. This should now be possible thanks to an experiment proposed by a team around theoretical physicist Nicolas Sangouard at the University of Basel. The experiment might pave the way for new applications in quantum physics. more...

Quantum Sensors for High-Precision Magnetometry of Superconductors

News Image
© Nature Nano
May 2, 2016
Scientists at the Swiss Nanoscience Institute and the Department of Physics at the University of Basel have developed a new method that has enabled them to image magnetic fields on the nanometer scale at temperatures close to absolute zero for the first time. They used spins in special diamonds as quantum sensors in a new kind of microscope to generate images of magnetic fields in superconductors with unrivalled precision. In this way the researchers were able to perform measurements that permit new insights in solid state physics, as they report in «Nature Nanotechnology». more...

The atom without properties

News Image
© Uni Basel
April 22, 2016
The microscopic world is governed by the rules of quantum mechanics, where the properties of a particle can be completely undetermined and yet strongly correlated with those of other particles. A team of theoretical and experimental physicists from the University of Basel has observed these so-called Bell correlations for the first time between hundreds of atoms. Their findings are published today in the scientific journal «Science». more...

SNSF Prof. Sangouard receives a John Templeton Foundation Grant

News Image
April 13, 2016
The John Templeton Foundation is a US based entity that serves as a philanthropic catalyst for discoveries related e.g. to a deeper understanding of the nature of reality within the realm of quantum theory, cosmology, astronomy, or chemistry. The Foundation has recently awarded a generous grant for a project entitled «Is the human eye able to see entanglement?» which will be led by SNSF Professor Nicolas Sangouard.

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