House Services

In general, only employees (official academic, administrative and technical staff) are authorised to get a key. Students from the 3rd semester or people with a specific function might also get a key. A supervisor has to approve and sign the key request form. 

The procedure to get the key is as follows:

  1. Fill in the key request form
  2. Get your supervisor's signature
  3. Contact the custodian to coordinate the hand-over of the key
  4. Bring CHF 50 to the custodian (Bernd Heimann) to the agreed date for the key deposit.
  5. Remember to give back the key at the end of your studies/termination of your contract and get back the deposit.

House Services

The Department of Physics offers students of physics and students of nanoscience student lockers for rent (48 lockers in total). 

Rent a locker
When you want to rent a locker for the first time, please fill out the Student locker rent form (German) and send it to the custodian. You will then receive an email with the date at which you can come by for the handing over. The renting period always ends at the end of the current semester, with the precise date written in the filled form. For the locker we ask you for a deposit of CHF 50, which you get back when you hand over the locker properly. Renting a locker is free of charge; we expect, however, that there will be no problems when we get the locker back from you (handing over of the locker or renewal of the contract within the 14 days before the end of the semester; locker emptied and clean).

Extend the contract
Students who need their lockers in the next semester as well can extend their contracts simply by writing an email to the custodian.

Return the locker
When you want to return your locker, please write at least 3 days(!) in advance, so that there is enough time for us to arrange a date. When the deadline is exceeded by more than 30 days, the locker will be opened by the custodian, the content will be disposed, and the deposit will be kept! When you finished your studies you have to return the locker immediately.

Further information
The locker provides you space where you can store books, personal belongings, et cetera. Never keep dangerous chemicals (solvents, etc.) or other dangerous items in there, nor misuse the locker as a "rubbish bin" (no old foods, etc.). In your own interest, I suggest not to store valuable objects in the student lockers, as these are ordinary lockers — no safes! In case I am absent (holidays, illness, etc.), please contact my representatives Daniel Sacker or Dominik Sifrig.

Explainaitons on how to search and book a room

Information on "how to book a room at the university of Basel" can be found in the following video.


Department of Physics
University of Basel 
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4056 Basel, Switzerland

+41 (0)61 207 37 83

Travel Management

Fill in the excel sheet Statement of Expenses. Please fill in the expenses in the excel sheet in chronological order, i.e. sorted by date. Use this excel sheet as the cover sheet to submit your expenses.

Add to this cover sheet separate sheet(s) with all the receipts neatly affixed with transparent tape (check the information sheet scannable receipts). Please tape the receipts chronologically on white sheet(s) of A4 paper, following the order you fill them out on the excel sheet. Please consider: 

  • In the rare cases you might not have a receipt for an expense, please note down on the separate sheet at least the following information: Date, type and amount of expense.
  • In case a receipt is in a language other than German, English or French, please provide a translation of the key information of the receipt right beside the receipt.

Once the excel sheet is completely filled out and all the receipts are orderly taped on additional sheets of paper, either hand it over to the administrative assistant of your professor who will transfer your claim to the person in charge of the travel management or leave the complete documentation directly in the mailbox "Travelmanagement" in the mailroom 1.06 on the first floor (on the right hand side, on the right, look for the orange dot). 

Please submit your travel expenses reclaim within a month after your return from your travel. 

In case you have any questions regarding the travel management, please contact us.


In order to assure a smooth and timely shipping of parcels and avoid inconveniences, such as delays in shipping or charges for reminders, it is important that you hand over to the administrative assistant the parcel and the documentation necessary for shipping, i.e.

  1. Inform the administrative assistant timely via email, that you have a shipping of a parcel coming up.
  2. Properly tape the parcel and address it with the sender’s and consignee’s address incl. phone number.
  3. Fill out the pro forma invoice, print it out 3 times and duly sign all the copies. These copies have to be sent with the consignment, i.e. to be handed over to the courier service/forwarding agent.

To be sure, that the shipping can be processed the same day, please hand in the parcel and the documentation before XXpm. Otherwise the shipping will be processed the following working day.

Proforma invoice:

  • Ask supplier whether information given in the proforma invoice is correct so that he can import goods without problems
  • The declaration in the pro forma invoice template has to be given only if goods are of EC origin and are being sent to a EC country. If goods are of other origin, the following declaration is sufficient: Country of origin: Switzerland, USA, Japan, etc.
  • If the value of shipped goods is above EUR 6’000, the EC origin declaration CANNOT be indicated.
    In that case, a movement certificate (EUR.1) has to be sent with goods. A forwarding agent can issue this document for us, but not a courier service (FedEx, UPS, etc.).

Goods returned for repair

  1. Check with the supplier whether who will pay for transport and import costs (VAT and customs duty) at the destination and if goods have to be insured. 
    If the supplier pays, ask him if he organises the collection of goods at our place, incl. insurance?
    If we have to organise the transport and the goods have to be sent by FedEx, UPS, DHL, the supplier’s customer number is required.
  2. If transport costs to the final destination and import costs at the country of destination have to be paid by us
    Transport quotations from a courier service and/or forwarding agent have to be solicited. 
    Your administrationn office can take care of this. The following information is required: number of packages, gross weight per package, measurements per package, exact description of goods, value of goods. A pro forma invoice with all information would be welcome.
  3. Before repaired items are being sent back to us:
    1. If possible, a copy of the Swiss export certificate should be sent to the supplier. He should add this copy to his documents (proforma invoice, consignment note).
    2. It is indispensable that the supplier states the repair costs separately in his invoice. The value of goods has to be indicated as well (in parentheses)


Department of Physics
University of Basel 
Klingelbergstrasse 82 
4056 Basel, Switzerland

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