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Multi-Dimensional Supernovae Models and the Prediction of Observables from Different Explosion Mechanisms

(funded by SNF, Grant No. PP002-106627 and PP00P2_124879, 2005-2011)

Macroscopic phenomena in nature - in astrophysics and on Earth - often originate from the interaction of tightly coupled microscopic processes with different characteristic length and time scales. We develop efficient transport/hydrodynamics algorithms in the context of gravitational collapse and supernova explosions. A reliable numerical link between the input physics and the observables in distant astrophysical objects provides new information about matter under otherwise inaccessible conditions, or vice versa, allows the prediction of a large-scale evolution based on well-known input physics.


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Why Supernovae?

Why are supernova explosions fascinating astrophysical events? The variety of possible answers is large. Let us list just five reasons here