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Appointment of Tomasz Smoleński as new assistant professor with tenure track

Tomasz Smoleński

Tomasz Smoleński has been appointed as the new assistant professor with tenure track for experimental quantum nanophysics and/or quantum materials in the Department of Physics. In his research, he uses optical spectroscopy to explore fundamental quantum phenomena and new phases of matter in semiconductor structures, with potential applications in quantum technologies and quantum computing.

Smoleński obtained his PhD at the University of Warsaw in 2018 with a thesis on spectroscopy of quantum dots hosting single magnetic ion spins, which represent the ultimate magnetic memories. For his work, he received the Polish Prime Minister Prize, the highest award for a PhD thesis in Poland. Since 2019, he has been working as a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Physics at ETH Zürich. His research is centered around many-body electron and spin systems in electrically-tunable two-dimensional semiconductor heterostructures, which he investigates using optical techniques. Smoleński will take up his position at the Department of Physics on 1 February 2025. He will also be actively involved in the Swiss Nanoscience Institute and the NCCR SPIN, which are based at the University of Basel.