About us

The Departement of Physics of the University of Basel is a center for international top-level research in the fields of nano and quantum physics, and cosmology and particle physics. Our students benefit from the excellence in research that offers them an outstanding range of courses supervised by highly talented assistants and renowned professors.

Two modern fields of physics make up the focal areas of our department: nano and quantum physics, and cosmology and particle physics. Nano and quantum physics are concerned with the research of structures at the nanometerscale as well as with understanding and controlling the quantum phenomena that occur in the process. Cosmology and particle physics examine the fundamental elementary particles of matter and develop the physical theory of the evolution of the universe. Both fields are connected through quantum physics serving as their underlying basic theory. Driven by new experimental possibilities and theoretical insights, the two fields are currently seeing a rapid development to which we are actively contributing. The research results gained along the way will shape both the scientific world view and the technologies of the future.

Top-level research

The physics course in Basel distinguishes itself through three characteristics:

  • exciting and current topics,
  • an early integration into the work of the research groups,
  • and an excellent staff-student ratio.

Basel is the only university in Switzerland that runs an interdisciplinary course of nanosciences uniting elements of physics, chemistry and biology in addition to the physics course. The graduates leaving our departments find themselves in high demand worldwide enjoying some of the best career prospects in the fields of research and economy. 

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Excellent teaching

The outstanding quality of our research manifests itself in our scientific prizes as well as in our top positions in international rankings. The scientific publications by physicists from Basel are acknowledged worldwide and frequently quoted. In 2013, thanks to an average of 27 quotations per publication, the Basel Department of Physics even landed on first place internationally having produced more than 1000 publications in the evaluation period (source: Web of Knowledge, Essential Science Indicators, pdf).

Our researchers are part of numerous national and international networks. In addition, the following centres could be established at the Department of Physics in Basel: