Basel Center for Quantum Computing and Quantum Coherence

The Basel QC2 Center  devotes its research to key issues of the implementation of quantum computing and information schemes in a solid state environment, which also include the intriguing field of Quantum Coherence, bringing together the two innovative and active fields of Quantum Information Theory and Spintronics. The Center was established beginning of 2005 from research groups in both theoretical and experimental condensed matter physics. Based at the University of Basel, Switzerland, it is closely connected to the NCCR Spin with leading house University of Basel.

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Excellence in Quantum Computing and Quantum Coherence.

Prof. Dr. Daniel Loss (Director)

Department of Physics
University of Basel 
Klingelbergstrasse 82 
4056 Basel, Switzerland

T +41 (0)61 207 37 49

Basel QC2 Center