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Quantum Computing Session at the Joint OePG-SPS Meeting in Basel


The next annual meeting, as every two years jointly with our colleagues from the Austrian Physical Society, will take place from 4 - 8 September 2023 at the "Kollegienhaus" of the Universität Basel. Submission deadline is May 15th.

The quantum computing session will combine presentations on recent scientific advances in the field of quantum computing with various qubit platforms. Contributions from ion traps, neutral atoms, superconducting qubits, spin qubits and other hardware platforms are welcome, as well as presentations that address progress on scalable qubit control, error correction, novel quantum algorithms and software applications. Both Austria and Switzerland are important players in this thriving area of research with many groups contributing to European and other important international research programs. The session is organized by the NCCR SPIN: Spin qubits in Silicon (https://nccr-spin.ch/), and wishes to bring together the quantum computing communities from Austria and Switzerland. We welcome oral and poster contributions from both senior and junior researchers.