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Operational Concept effective from 18.01.21


Effective on 18.01.2021, the Departement of Physics has a new operating concept to prevent spreading of the Covid-19 virus.

We outline below a new operating concept effective on 18.01.2021, which is consistent with the University’s new rules: https://www.unibas.ch/en/News-Events/Coronavirus/For-Researchers.html.

The Department’s rules are:

  • The Department remains closed to the public; only members of the university (as identified by University ID) are allowed entry. No guests are allowed in the Department.
  • Masks are mandatory at all times inside the Department. 
  • Wherever possible, work should be done from home.
  • All meetings should be held via video conference. Physical meetings are only permitted in emergencies. 
  • Access to tables and seating arrangement in the mensa and other break rooms must be approved by the University Corona Task Force and will be clearly indicated.
  • Anyone in at-risk categories should minimize time and contact with others in the Department.
  • Each research space in the Department (lab, workshop, office, seminar room) has a designated maximum occupancy indicated by a sign on the entrance. This limit is not to be exceeded.
  • To allow contact tracing, it is documented who regularly works in the same rooms with whom. A sign-up system is used to document irregular occupancy of shared rooms.
  • Shared surfaces, equipment, and other shared objects should be disinfected before and after use.
  • Hands should be washed regularly, touching one’s face should be avoided. The general hygiene recommendations of the BAG should be followed: www.bag.admin.ch/bag/en/home/krankheiten/ausbrueche-epidemien-pandemien/aktuelle-ausbrueche-epidemien/novel-cov/so-schuetzen-wir-uns.html
  • Anyone with a fever or cough should not come to the department, should report to his/her supervisor, and should be tested. Anyone who has a member of his/her family or inner circle who is infected or suspected of infection, should not come to the department.
  • If someone tests positive for the coronavirus or is required by the authorities to quarantine, he/she should immediately report this to the Corona Task Force (via https://www.unibas.ch/en/News-Events/Coronavirus/Corona-Reporting-Form.html) and his/her direct supervisor. He/she should not come to the department.


Approved by,                                                                          

Martino Poggio

Professor & Department Chair