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Thomas Rauscher publishes a new book "Essentials of Nucleosynthesis and Theoretical Nuclear Astrophysics"


In July, Lecturer Dr. Thomas Rauscher published the text book, "Essentials of Nucleosynthesis and Theoretical Nuclear Astrophysics".

The book provides an exhaustive but concise overview of the highly interdisciplinary research field, combining astrophysics, nuclear and particle physics. It touches on all theory aspects with respect to understanding the origin of the elements which are, in turn, closely connected to stellar evolution, supernova explosions, neutron star mergers and other high-energy phenomena, as well as to galactic evolution and cosmology. It is conceived as an introduction to the field for graduate students and post-doctoral researchers, but also serves as a reference work for experienced researchers.  Sections of the book are also suitable to be adapted for introductory courses in stellar astrophysics and nuclear physics. Dr. Rauscher will also be using parts of this work in his lectures "Astrophysics & Cosmology" and "Nuclear Astrophysics".