Title Principal Researcher Status
Andreev qubits for scalable quantum computationSchönenberger, Christian;Geresdi, Attila;Csonka, Szabolcs;Nygard, Jesper;Sorba, Lucia;Levy-Yeyati, Alfredo;Goffmann, Marcelo Ongoing
TopSupra / Engineered Topological Superconductivity in van der Waals HeterostructuresSchönenberger, Christian Ongoing
Georg H. Endress Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Artem Kononov Schönenberger, Christian Ongoing
Topological quantum states in double nanowire devices ERA-NET Schönenberger, Christian Ongoing
van der Waals 2D semiconductor nanostructures with superconducting contacts Baumgartner, Andreas;Wirth, Claudia Ongoing
Understanding and engineering of phonon propagation in nanodevices by employing energy resolved phonon emission and adsorption spectroscopy Zardo, Ilaria Ongoing
Quantum-Transport Phenomena in Hybrid Devices based on NanowiresSchönenberger, Christian Ongoing
NCCR QSIT: Quantum SensingPoggio, Martino;Bruder, Christoph Ongoing
High Performance Transmission Electron Microscope for Present and Future Nanomaterials Schönenberger, Christian Complete
Graphene flagship WP2 Core 2 Schönenberger, Christian;Makk, Peter Complete
Atomic resolution at ambient conditions atomic force microscope (ARAC AFM)Meyer, Ernst Complete
HiPerNanoWire: High-performance superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors Warburton, Richard J Complete
Valleytronics in Strain-Engineered GrapheneSchönenberger, Christian Complete
Quantum-Transport Phenomena in Nanoscaled Devices Schönenberger, Christian Complete
NoCoNano - Novel Cooper pair splitter nanodevices Schönenberger, Christian Complete
MOLECULAR-SCALE ELECTRONICS: Concepts, Contacts and Stability (MOLESCO) Calame, Michel Complete
Quantum Entanglement in Nanoelectronic Devices by Noise Measurements Schönenberger, Christian Complete
GRAPHENESchönenberger, Christian Complete
Quantum-Transport Phenomena in Nanoscaled Devices Schönenberger, Christian Complete
FerroDet - Developing ferromagnetic analyzer nanocircuits Schönenberger, Christian;Makk, Peter;Csonka, Szabolcs Complete
Quantum Entanglement in Electronic Solid State Devices Schönenberger, Christian Complete
Source of Electron Entanglement in Nano DevicesSchönenberger, Christian Complete
Electric Transport Phenomena in Nanoscaled DevicesSchönenberger, Christian Complete
Hybrid Molecule-Nanocrystal Assemblies for Photonic and Electronic Sensing ApplicationsSchönenberger, Christian Complete
Quantum Spintronics TP2Schönenberger, Christian Complete
Electromechanical SystemsSchönenberger, Christian;Calame, Michel;Mayor, Marcel Complete
Electric Transport Phenomena in Mesoscopic Devices.Schönenberger, Christian Complete
Integrateable Silicon NANOWIRE SENSOR Platform Schönenberger, Christian Complete
Integrateable Silicon NANOWIRE SENSOR PlatformSchönenberger, Christian;Calame, Michel Complete
Single Molecule Electronics (Gebert-Rüf Stiftung)Schönenberger, Christian;Calame, Michel;Mayor, Marcel Complete
Nanoscale Science - Impact on Life Sciences, Sustainability, Information and Communication Technologies (NCCR Nanoscale Science)Schönenberger, Christian Complete
FUNMOLS 7.EU-RPSchönenberger, Christian;Calame, Michel Complete
FUNMOL 7.EU-RP Schönenberger, Christian;Calame, Michel;Mayor, Marcel Complete
HYSWITCHSchönenberger, Christian Complete
Nano-P4 Project 04 Molecular ElectronicsSchönenberger, Christian;Jung, Thomas A. Complete