PD Dr. Daniela Candida Kiselev-Rohe
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Administrative assistant

PD Dr. Daniela Kiselev (-Rohe)

Short Biography

Daniela Kiselev (b. Rohe), born in 1968 studied physics from 1988 on. 1990 she got a scholarship of the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes. In 1994 she received the diploma with the topic "Optimization of the optical pumping process of 3He and control of the nuclear spin polarization" under the supervision of Prof. Otten in Mainz. In the same working group she finished the Phd. in experimental nuclear physics about the "Measurement of the electric form factor of the neutron via 3He using the A1 electron spectrometer" at the Mainzer Mikrotron MAMI. The thesis was awarded with the prize of the University of Mainz.

In 1998 she went as a postdoc to the University of Basel to the group of Prof. Sick. Experiments with the aim to study nuclear and nucleon structure and nuclear reaction mechanisms, often using spin polarized electrons as probes and polarized targets at MAMI, PSI, JLAB followed. Several months were spend at JLAB, Virginia, USA. In 2005 she completed in Basel the Habilitation (venia docendi) about the "Spectral function at high energy and momentum from (e,e'p) measurements" performed at TJNAF.

Since 2006 she is working at PSI (Villigen, Switzerland) and since 2013 she is leading the section of "Target stations, beam lines and simulations", which covers besides Monte Carlo particle transport and ANSYS simulations also the operations and technical design of components for the 590 MeV proton beam line as well as the experimental areas of the meson production targets. Particular she is involved in determining the nuclide inventory after activation in the environment of accelerators, disposal of radioactive waste, radiation damage, design of new components.

Research Summary

Experiments with electromagnetic probes, in particular electrons, with and without polarization variables. Polarized target (especially 3He) for nuclear physics experiments. Exploration of the nucleon (e.g. form factors) and nuclear structure (short range correlations) and reaction mechanisms. Studies of radiation damage at materials irradiated with high energy protons.

Selected Publications

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