Title Principal Researcher Status
NCCR Molecular Systems Engineering - phase 2Ward, Thomas R. R. Ongoing
Valleytronics in Strain-Engineered GrapheneSchönenberger, Christian Complete
RECORD IT - Reservoir Computing with Real-time Data for future IT Calame, Michel Complete
Optoelectronic nanojunctions Calame, Michel Complete
NCCR Molecular Systems EngineeringWard, Thomas R. R. Complete
NCCR MolSysEng: Hybrid Molecular Devices for Energy ConversionCalame, Michel Complete
Assembly and investigation of electrochemically triggered molecular musclesMayor, Marcel Complete
MOLECULAR-SCALE ELECTRONICS: Concepts, Contacts and Stability (MOLESCO) Calame, Michel Complete
Graphene for metrologyCalame, Michel Complete
SYMONE - SYnaptic MOlecular NEtworks for Bio-inspired Information ProcessingCalame, Michel Complete
Hybrid Molecule-Nanocrystal Assemblies for Photonic and Electronic Sensing ApplicationsSchönenberger, Christian Complete
Electromechanical SystemsSchönenberger, Christian;Calame, Michel;Mayor, Marcel Complete
Integrateable Silicon NANOWIRE SENSOR PlatformSchönenberger, Christian;Calame, Michel Complete
Single Molecule Electronics (Gebert-Rüf Stiftung)Schönenberger, Christian;Calame, Michel;Mayor, Marcel Complete
FUNMOLS 7.EU-RPSchönenberger, Christian;Calame, Michel Complete
FUNMOL 7.EU-RP Schönenberger, Christian;Calame, Michel;Mayor, Marcel Complete