Title Principal Researcher Status
ASTERIQSMaletinsky, Patrick M. Ongoing
NCCR QSIT: Quantum SensingPoggio, Martino;Bruder, Christoph Ongoing
NCCR QSIT: Quantum Information and CommunicationWarburton, Richard J Ongoing
NanoMAGIQMaletinsky, Patrick M. Complete
Exploring nanoscale magnetic phenomena using a quantum microscopeMaletinsky, Patrick M. Complete
A diamond quantum fibre pigtail Maletinsky, Patrick M. Complete
Quantum sensing and imaging of core-shell magnetic nanotubes Poggio, Martino Complete
Cooling and control of a nanomechanical membrane with cold atomsTreutlein, Philipp Complete
Single spin imaging of strongly correlated electron systemsMaletinsky, Patrick M. Complete
Surface functionalization of diamond nano-magnetometers for applications in nano- and life sciencesPieles, Uwe Complete
Basel Shared Frequency Comb Facility Willitsch, Stefan Complete
wide bandwidth tunable laser Maletinsky, Patrick M. Complete
Kinderkrippenzustupf SNF Warburton, Richard J;Maletinsky, Patrick M. Complete
Nanomechanical oscillators for diamond spinoptomechanicsMaletinsky, Patrick M. Complete
DIADEMS Maletinsky, Patrick M. Complete
Nano-photonics with diamond Warburton, Richard J Complete
Quantum photonics with diamond Warburton, Richard J Complete