Title Principal Researcher Status
QUSTEC PhD fellowship - Hybrid quantum networks with atomic memories and quantum dot single-photon sources Treutlein, Philipp Ongoing
Non-classical correlations in ultracold atomic ensembles Treutlein, Philipp Ongoing
MACQSIMAL - Miniature Atomic vapor Cells based Quantum devices for SensIng and Metrology AppLications Treutlein, Philipp Ongoing
Quantum Internet Alliance QIA Sangouard, Nicolas Ongoing
NCCR QSIT: Quantum SensingPoggio, Martino;Bruder, Christoph Ongoing
NCCR QSIT: Quantum Information and CommunicationWarburton, Richard J Ongoing
Bell correlations in Bose-Einstein condensatesTreutlein, Philipp Complete
Cold atom-semiconductor quantum interface (3-5-FIRST)Treutlein, Philipp;Wolters, Janik Complete
Modular mechanical-atomic quantum systemsTreutlein, Philipp Complete
Cooling and control of a nanomechanical membrane with cold atomsTreutlein, Philipp Complete
Basel Shared Frequency Comb Facility Willitsch, Stefan Complete
Many-particle entanglement on atom chipsTreutlein, Philipp Complete
An ion-atom hybrid trap on a chip; synthesis and control of nanosystems on the single-molecule level Willitsch, Stefan Complete
SIQS - Simulators and Interfaces with Quantum Systems Treutlein, Philipp Complete
Cold atom semiconductor hybrid quantum system Treutlein, Philipp;Warburton, Richard J Complete
Quantum Interferometry with Bose-Einstein CondensatesTreutlein, Philipp;Schmied, Roman Complete
Atom chips for quantum technologyTreutlein, Philipp Complete
Entanglement on Atom ChipsTreutlein, Philipp Complete
Atomic QUantum TEchnologiesTreutlein, Philipp Complete