In general, only employees (official academic, administrative and technical staff) are authorised to get a key. Students from the 3rd semester or people with a specific function might also get a key. A supervisor has to approve and sign the key request form. 

The procedure to get the key is as follows:

  1. Fill in the key request form
  2. Get your supervisor's signature
  3. Contact the custodian to coordinate the hand-over of the key
  4. Bring CHF 50 to the custodian (Bernd Heimann) to the agreed date for the key deposit.
  5. Remember to give back the key at the end of your studies/termination of your contract and get back the deposit.

Student Lockers

The Department of Physics offers students of physics and students of nanoscience student lockers for rent (48 lockers in total). 

Rent a locker
When you want to rent a locker for the first time, please fill out the Student locker rent form (German) and send it to the custodian. You will then receive an email with the date at which you can come by for the handing over. The renting period always ends at the end of the current semester, with the precise date written in the filled form. For the locker we ask you for a deposit of CHF 50, which you get back when you hand over the locker properly. Renting a locker is free of charge; we expect, however, that there will be no problems when we get the locker back from you (handing over of the locker or renewal of the contract within the 14 days before the end of the semester; locker emptied and clean).

Extend the contract
Students who need their lockers in the next semester as well can extend their contracts simply by writing an email to the custodian.

Return the locker
When you want to return your locker, please write at least 3 days(!) in advance, so that there is enough time for us to arrange a date. When the deadline is exceeded by more than 30 days, the locker will be opened by the custodian, the content will be disposed, and the deposit will be kept! When you finished your studies you have to return the locker immediately.

Further information
The locker provides you space where you can store books, personal belongings, et cetera. Never keep dangerous chemicals (solvents, etc.) or other dangerous items in there, nor misuse the locker as a "rubbish bin" (no old foods, etc.). In your own interest, I suggest not to store valuable objects in the student lockers, as these are ordinary lockers — no safes! In case I am absent (holidays, illness, etc.), please contact my representatives Daniel Sacker or Dominik Sifrig.