The Basel Bachelor Program in Physics consists of two semesters (one year) of introductory physics courses, mathematics lectures and the introductory laboratory course (total of 60 credit points (CP)) followed by four semesters (two years) of courses on experimental and theoretical physics, advanced laboratory courses, a proseminar plus a number of elective courses (total of 120 CP).

The minimum time required to obtain a Bachelor's degree in Physics is three years. To complete all the requirements in three years, students usually feel that a full time commitment to working on courses and exercises is necessary, including a significant amount of time spent preparing for the comprehensive examinations. Admission as a part time student is possible but will of course prolong the time to obtain the Bachelor degree.


Study Structure

ModulesCoursesCPTime of Exams
Experimental Physics IPhysics I & II12 End of 1st and 2nd semester
Experimental Physics IIPhysics III & IV12 End of 3rd and 4th semester
MathematicsAnalysis I & II / Linear Algebra I & II24 End of 1st and 2nd semester
Practical Courses IBeginner's Practical Courses I & II8
Practical Courses IIAdvanced Practical Courses I & II8
Theoretical Physics IMechanics / Electrodynamics14 End of 3rd and 4th semester
Theoretical Physics IIQuantum Mechanics / Statistical Mechanics16 End of 5th and 6th semester
Mathematical MethodsMathematical Methods6
Structure of Matter IAstrophysics & Cosmology6
Structure of Matter IICondensed Matter / Nuclear & Particle Physics / Special Lecture16End of 5th and 6th semester

The elective block consists of 56 credit points, of which 30 are to be selected from courses in physics and mathematics and a further 20 from courses outside of physics and mathematics. The physics / math courses that can be chosen include:

  • Specialist lectures in physics and astronomy
  • additional laboratory courses and block courses (advantageous if you are interested in further research in experimental physics)
  • Advanced math courses such as statistics and probability or numerical math
  • additional proseminars

Examples of courses outside of the departments of physics / mathematics:

  • IT courses such as programming I
  • Courses from other scientific disciplines: chemistry, biology, geosciences
  • Courses of the Faculty of Art: Philosophy, Languages, History, Media Studies

Further information on the courses offered can be found in the online course catalog.

Many physics students start their bachelor's degree after they have received their Swiss Matura after completing high school (click here to find out how you can apply). However, there are other ways of admission to our Bachelor's degree. For detailed information, please visit the website of the study secretariat of the University of Basel. A registration fee of CHF 100 will be charged. If the application is submitted late, an additional fee of CHF 150 will be charged.

The language of instruction for the Bachelor's degree programs is generally German. Mastering the German language is of the utmost importance for a successful completion of the Bachelor's degree. We usually speak English in our research groups and participation in research projects does not require knowledge of the German language.

At the moment, foreign Bachelor students who are in Switzerland on a student visa must be enrolled and generally are not allowed to work, or only for a very limited time. In addition, the university guidelines do not allow Bachelor students to be employed in the departments. Therefore, Bachelor students must bring the financial means to bear their living expenses during their studies up to the Bachelor's degree. In some cases, part-time employment, for example as a student assistant, may be possible. However, funds earned in this way are not yet sufficient to cover the cost of living.

The tuition fee at the University of Basel is currently CHF 850 ​​per semester. Click here for details.

Further information for international students can be found here.

For particularly talented and motivated students, the Department of Physics offers an “Honors Track” for Bachelor students. More information is available here.