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Julian Arnold receives one of the APS Distinguished Student Awards 2023

Julian Arnold

Julian Arnold received the APS Distinguished Student prize at the APS March meeting 2023

The American Physical Society (APS) recognizes that bringing outstanding young researchers to the annual APS meetings can be a career-changing experience.  Since 2015, the APS and Forum on International Physics (FIP) established the Distinguished Student Program (DS) to provide outstanding non-US young researchers with financial support to participate in the APS Meetings.

At the March meeting 2023 in Las Vegas, two Basel PhD students received one of the APS Distinguished Student Awards, Simon Geyer and Julian Arnold who works in Prof. Christoph Bruder's group.

Julian's research focuses on the application of machine learning to physics. He received the Student Award for his outstanding contributions to this field. Recently, he and Frank Schäfer (a recent alumni from the same group) derived mathematical expressions that shed light on how neural networks detect phase transitions.