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Operational Concept effective from 20.12.21


Effective on 20.12.2021, the Departement of Physics has a new operating concept to prevent spreading of the Covid-19 virus.

We outline below a new operating concept effective on 20.12.2021, which is consistent with the University’s new rules: https://www.unibas.ch/en/News-Events/Coronavirus/For-Researchers.html.

The Department’s rules are:

  • The Department remains closed to the public; only members of the university (as identified by University ID) are allowed entry. No guests are allowed in the Department.
  • An official COVID certificate is mandatory (3G).
  • Masks are mandatory at all times inside the Department except in offices with single occupancy.
  • Wherever possible, work should be done from home.
  • Food and beverages must be consumed while seated at tables.
  • All meetings should be held via video conference. Physical meetings are only permitted in emergencies.

Approved by, 

Philipp Treutlein

Professor & Department Chair