Title Principal Researcher Status
Scanning Nanowire Quantum Dot Zumbühl, Dominik M Ongoing
FIBsuperProbes / Focused Ion Beam fabrication of superconducting scanning ProbesPoggio, Martino Ongoing
Magnetic force microscopy with nanowire transducersPoggio, Martino Ongoing
New Scanning Probes for Nanomagnetic ImagingPoggio, Martino Ongoing
Ultrasensitive Force Microscopy and Cavity Optomechanics using Nanowire CantileversPoggio, Martino Ongoing
«Discovery and Nanoengineering of Novel Skyrmion-hosting Materials» Grundler, Dirk Ongoing
NCCR QSIT: Quantum SensingPoggio, Martino;Bruder, Christoph Ongoing
High Performance Transmission Electron Microscope for Present and Future Nanomaterials Schönenberger, Christian Complete
Quantum sensing and imaging of spin textures in skyrmion materials Poggio, Martino Complete
A diamond quantum fibre pigtail Maletinsky, Patrick M. Complete
Investigating Individual Multiferroic and Oxidic Nanoparticles Kleibert, Armin Complete
Quantum sensing and imaging of core-shell magnetic nanotubes Poggio, Martino Complete
Coupling a single ion to a nanomechanical oscillator Willitsch, Stefan Complete
Energy dissipation over structural and electronic phase transitions Meyer, Ernst Complete
Ultra-sensitive force detection and molecular manipulation Meyer, Ernst Complete
Application of mechanically-Detected Spin Resonance to Solid-State Nanostructures Poggio, Martino Complete
Spin, Quantum Electronics, and Nanomechanics Poggio, Martino Complete
Cavity Optomechanics - Quantum Measurements and Backaction TP2 Poggio, Martino Complete
Spin, Quantum Electronics and Nanomechanics Poggio, Martino Complete