Fill in the excel sheet Statement of Expenses. Please fill in the expenses in the excel sheet in chronological order, i.e. sorted by date. Use this excel sheet as the cover sheet to submit your expenses.

Add to this cover sheet separate sheet(s) with all the receipts neatly affixed with transparent tape (check the information sheet scannable receipts). Please tape the receipts chronologically on white sheet(s) of A4 paper, following the order you fill them out on the excel sheet. Please consider: 

  • In the rare cases you might not have a receipt for an expense, please note down on the separate sheet at least the following information: Date, type and amount of expense.
  • In case a receipt is in a language other than German, English or French, please provide a translation of the key information of the receipt right beside the receipt.

Once the excel sheet is completely filled out and all the receipts are orderly taped on additional sheets of paper, either hand it over to the administrative assistant of your professor who will transfer your claim to the person in charge of the travel management or leave the complete documentation directly in the mailbox "Travelmanagement" in the mailroom 1.06 on the first floor (on the right hand side, on the right, look for the orange dot). 

Please submit your travel expenses reclaim within a month after your return from your travel. 

In case you have any questions regarding the travel management, please contact us.