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Joint Annual Meeting of SPS and ÖPG in Basel

The joint annual meeting of the Swiss Physical Society (SPS) and Austrian Physical Society (ÖPG) will take place from 4-8 September, 2023 at the "Kollegienhaus" of the Universität Basel.
Aiello Clarice

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INASCON’s public talk on Quantum Biology

Join INASCON’s public talk on August 23 from 19.30-20.30 in Biozentrum, where Prof. Clarice Aiello will delve into the world of "Quantum Biology" and reveal groundbreaking research on harnessing weak magnetic fields to drive physiological…
Membran Laser

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A new technique for cooling membranes with lasers

Using a new technique, researchers at the University of Basel have succeeded in cooling a small membrane down to temperatures close to absolute zero using only laser light. Such extremely cooled membranes could, for instance, find…
Bauer Gerhard

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Prof. emer. Dr. Gerhard Baur passed away

In deep mourning we have to say goodbye to Prof. emer. Dr. Gerhard Baur.
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Scepticism about Microsoft results

In March 2022, Microsoft published research results about the realisation of a special type of particle that might be used to make particularly robust quantum bits. Researchers at the University of Basel are now calling these results about…
Gerber Christoph

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Christoph Gerber to receive the Albert Einstein World Award of Science

Professor Christoph Gerber of the Swiss Nanoscience Institute and the Department of Physics at the University of Basel has been selected as the winner of the Albert Einstein World Award of Science. The World Cultural Council awarded Gerber…
Greljo Admir

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New flavour for Basel: Theorist and new Assistant Professor Admir Greljo connects worlds (CHIPP)

Today we would like you to meet one of the University of Basel’s latest additions in the sciences: tenure-track Assistant Professor Admir Greljo. He joined the university’s physics department in spring and has brought lots of plans and…

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Dr. Urs Gysin passed away

In deep mourning we have to say goodbye to Dr. Urs Gysin.

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Quantum Computing Session at the Joint OePG-SPS Meeting in Basel

The next annual meeting, as every two years jointly with our colleagues from the Austrian Physical Society, will take place from 4 - 8 September 2023 at the "Kollegienhaus" of the Universität Basel. Submission deadline is May 15th.

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