Coupling of electron hole pairs

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Coupling of electron-hole pairs

For the first time, physicists from the University of Basel have succeeded in coupling different types of electron-hole pairs (excitons) in the van der Waals material molybdenum disulfide. This successful coupling allows them to utilize and…

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Successful completion of apprenticeship of Luca Navarretta

We congratulate our polymechanic apprentice, Mr Luca Navarretta, for his successful apprenticeship, which he completed with a grade of 5.2.

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Watch the Saturday Morning Physics 2022 Video here!

In addition to exciting talks on "Quantumcomputing using Silicon Spin Qubits", an Experiments Park was also organized at this year's edition. You can enjoy a summary of the two days in the video here. A big thank you to the numerous…

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This Saturday: Saturday Morning Physics 2022

"Saturday Morning Physics" is an exciting series of events for people interested in physics - especially for young people aged 14 and over. On Saturday, a researcher from the University of Basel will present a current topic on quantum…
Bernd Krusche

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Prof. Dr. Bernd Krusche passed away

In deep mourning we have to say goodbye to Prof. Dr. Bernd Krusche, who passed away after a short serious illness.
Stefan Goedecker

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Prof. Stefan Goedecker: Promotion to Full Professor

The Department of Physics congratulates Prof. Stefan Goedecker to his promotion to Full Professor as of 1st Mai 2022.

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Happy World Quantum Day

Today, April 14th is World Quantum Day. But what is Quantum? See what the researchers from NCCR SPIN answered.

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“Hot” spin quantum bits in silicon transistors

Quantum bits (qubits) are the smallest units of information in a quantum computer. Currently, one of the biggest challenges in developing this kind of powerful computer is scalability. A research group at the University of Basel, working…

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Jelena Klinovaja receives ERC Consolidator Grant

Prof. Jelena Klinovaja will theoretically study topological quantum matter and its use for quantum technology.

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