Ingo Sick

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Prof. Ingo Sick verstorben

Am Sonntag, 30. Mai 2021 ist Prof. emer. Ingo Sick nach kurzer Krankheit, zwei Tage nach seinem 82. Geburtstag, verstorben. Im Namen der Institutsleitung des Departement Physik Prof. Martino Poggio (Link zum Nachruf)
Two interconnected particles

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Quantum steering for more precise measurements

Quantum systems consisting of several particles can be used to measure magnetic or electric fields more precisely. A young physicist at the University of Basel has now proposed a new scheme for such measurements that uses a particular kind…
Ilaria Zardo

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Ilaria Zardo - Portraits of women in science in the fields of MAP

This project of the Platform MAP aims to show how women scientists in the formerly male fields of mathematics, astronomy and physics (MAP) have successfully established themselves in Switzerland. It aims to encourage young women to pursue…

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New class of substances for redox reactions

An interdisciplinary, multinational research team presents a new class of chemical compounds that can be reversibly oxidized and reduced. The compounds known as ‘pyrazinacenes’ are simple, stable compounds that consist of a series of…
Oliver Müller

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Oliver Müller on 3sat broadcast "Nano"


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Concept for a new storage medium

Physicists from Switzerland, Germany and Ukraine have proposed an innovative new data storage medium. The technique is based on specific properties of antiferromagnetic materials that had previously resisted experimental examination.

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Dominik Zumbühl new director of NCCR SPIN

After unanimous election by the Executive Committee of NCCR SPIN, Dominik Zumbühl was proposed to the SNF and confirmed this week as the new director of NCCR SPIN. Richard Warburton decided to resign as director of NCCR SPIN in November…

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Prof. Patrick Maletinsky: promotion to Full Professor

The Department of Physics congratulates Prof. Patrick Maletinsky on his promotion to Full Professor as of 1st of February 2021.

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Physicists develop record-breaking source for single photons

Researchers at the University of Basel and Ruhr University Bochum have developed a source of single photons that can produce billions of these quantum particles per second. With its record-breaking efficiency, the photon source represents a…

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