Topologisches Material

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Lossless conduction at the edges

Atomically thin layers of the semimetal tungsten ditelluride conduct electricity losslessly along narrow, one-dimensional channels at the crystal edges. The material is therefore a second-order topological insulator. By obtaining…
Prof. Stefan Antusch

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Prof. Stefan Antusch: Promotion to Full Professor

The Department of Physics congratulates Prof. Stefan Antusch on his promotion to Full Professor as of 1st August 2020.
New EU project approved

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Focused ion beam opens the door to highly sensitive probes – New EU project approved

Argovia Professor Martino Poggio of the University of Basel’s Department of Physics is to lead a recently approved project under the European Horizon 2020 program.
Quantum System coupling

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Laser loop couples quantum systems over a distance

For the first time, researchers have succeeded in creating strong coupling between quantum systems over a greater distance. They accomplished this with a novel method in which a laser loop connects the systems, enabling nearly lossless…

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Easing of Emergency Operation Rules

Modified operating concept for the planned easy of the emergency operations.

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Rules for Emergency Operation

Rules for research under emergency operation

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Nachruf für Prof. Dr. Hermann Rudin

Prof. Dr. Hermann Rudin, (5. April 1931 – 27. Februar 2020)
Physics Department

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Department closed due to Coronavirus

Dear members of the Physics Department, Starting Tuesday 16.03.2020, the Department of Physics will be closed to unauthorized people until further notice. All of you who have a key, will still be able to enter, but you are only to do so,…
Saturday Morning Physics 2020

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Watch the Saturday Morning Physics 2020 Video here!

Neben spannenden Vorträgen über «Gravitationswellen aus dem frühen Universum » sowie über «Wie passt der Energieerhaltungssatz in der Physik zum Energieverbrauch im Alltag?» wurde auch an der diesjährigen Ausgabe ein Experimente-Park…

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